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À conversa com Paulo Vilhena – conselhos para empresários com E grande!

Finalmente consegui concretizar um sonho meu, com alguns anos na minha cabeça… conversas com empresários de sucesso! Empresários que reconheço valor, visão e que têm muito que dar ao nosso mundo empresarial e não só… A minha primeira entrevista foi com Paulo de Vilhena (www.paulodevilhena.com). Posso dizer sinceramente que nem sequer dei conta do tempo…


“She is courageous. She is not afraid to think out of the box and try different things that add value to her clients. To anyone looking for a Business Coach to help take their organization to the next level, then Manuela is exactly the type of coach that you would want to work with.”

Josh Slavitt

“Palpable exuberance, commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism, coupled with a great ability to connect and work with people at any level, means great results for all those fortunate to be touched by this remarkable individual. Truly one of a kind.”

Gary Evans

“Manuela is a vibrant and determined woman with an entrepreneurial flair. She brings light to any interaction and is always solution focussed whilst maintaining a win / win balance for all.”

Harry Welby-Cooke
South Africa

“Failure doesn’t exist in her vocabulary, only success does! (…) if she is looking for the success of someone else she is even more determined. A pleasure to work with!”

Odete Rodrigues

I highly recommend her as a Business Coach because she is definitively someone who sincerely believes in what she does…

João Costa Alves

“Manuela is the most positive thinking person I’ve worked with. I truly recommend her as a Business Coach to all the business owners out there who are really committed to success.”

Paulo Vilhena